We are a roof construction and repair company that focuses its efforts on quality, safety, and trust. We owe ourselves to the satisfaction of our customers.

We have an experienced work team trained to assume the commitment to your project and execute it to the fullest.

Honest, efficient, and responsible, we are the kings in the construction of roofs and we are at your disposal to bring your ideas or needs to fruition.

Focused on flat roofs, commercial and residential roofs.


Asphalt roof

When it comes to roofing, nothing beats the durability and affordability of asphalt shingle. 

Flat roof

EPDM roofs are a popular choice for flat roofs because they are durable, low-cost, and easy to install. 

Chimney caps

A chimney cap is an essential component of your chimney system that provides protection against water damage, animal intrusion, and debris build-up. 

High cooper work

We perform any type of copper work for roofs and decks. Copper is a highly corrosion-resistant material, making it ideal for many applications. 


The most important thing when choosing a type of gutter is its capacity. Depending on the rainfall we will choose a system with one capacity or another.

Wood shingle

Wood shingles are a beautiful and durable roofing material that can add character to any home. 

Slate roofs 

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is formed from shale and came in different natural colors adding  a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home. 

Synthetic slate roofs

Synthetic slate roofs look like real slate roofs, except that they are composed of plastic and rubber materials. Manufacturers of synthetic slate roofs offer a wide variety of styles to suit almost any style of construction.

Methal roof

Metal roofing is very effective in times of heavy rain and poor environmental conditions. In addition, it regulates the temperature of the spaces very well.


Power washing is a great way to clean your roof and remove dirt, debris, and algae. 


Gypsum plasterboards are made to contribute to passive fire protection and offer incredible structural strength.


It is a sheet of dehydrated calcium sulfate (gypsum) with or without additives, whereby means of layers the gypsum is mixed with fibers (usually paper, fiberglass, or a combination of these materials)

Carefully interpret architects’ proposals.


Rosemary Giuliani
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Excellent service, the house was delivered better than expected.
Marc Donovan
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I recommend them, they are very responsible, organized and on time.
Arthur Mc Mahon
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My roof had severe problems, and the result amazes me. Excellent service
Rebecca Nazir
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They are definitely the roofing kings, I'm happy with the work they did.

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